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About STV
STV Production Sweden AB produces the successful series Klassen for Sveriges Television, which in 2018 was awarded the TV award Kristallen for best children’s program. The series has been made for 5 seasons and 2 spin-off series called Klassresan. Each season of Klassen has received top ratings on SVT Barn.

Among previous productions for the Swedish market is the documentary series Morgans Mission – where we get to follow the actor Morgan Alling’s fight against bullying and abuse. Together with one of Sweden’s foremost bullying researchers, he takes on a regular school class to give them new knowledge and experiences that change them forever. STV Sweden AB has also produced The Singing Staircase.

STV Production Sweden AB works for important and living stories in worlds that capture a large audience. We develop TV concepts mainly in fiction, scripted reality, lifestyle / facts and documentaries. We form the Swedish part of STV Productions, which produces TV in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which means that we have good opportunities for Nordic co-productions.

STV Sweden
STV Sweden